Visual Management

Simply put, Visual Management is like a giant magnifying glass through which we examine all of the activities that make up the human chain of interaction.

Visual Management produces clarity and natural accountability. It gives broad context in a way that triggers deep experience and judgement. It encourages inquiry, learning, and quick decision-making. It sets the example for collaboration.

Connecting the Work to the Organization's Objectives

Visual Management is a tool that allows people to see the alignment of intent with activity, see how work transfers from one person to the next, and see how each activity relates to the whole. They see problems together, all at once, in a way that encourages good thinking, collaboration, and quick response rather than blaming and delay. It builds concrete ties within and across teams. There is no collaboration “training” from HR; collaboration is the natural outcome of good work design. They see the results of their efforts right away. They own it!

ShiftGear has successfully implemented Visual Management in a variety of industries including oil exploration, manufacturing, health care, technology, research, and education.