At ShiftGear, Our Mission is to
Unlock the Full Potential Within Your Organization

ShiftGear helps smart, engaged leaders see their work in new and more productive ways. We help leaders unlock the full potential of the organizations they’ve built. We do it without the normal trappings of consultants, major reorganizations, or IT system overhauls.

ShiftGear works with clients across a wide range of industries to reimagine how work gets done

Dynamic Work Design

ShiftGear’s Dynamic Work Design is the product of 25 years of award-winning academic research at MIT and 40 years of on-the-job experience from the shop floor to the C-suite.

ShiftGear has helped organizations improve in a multitude of ways. We’ve helped clients manage rapid growth, increase capacity in existing facilities, and speed the rate of technology development.

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Work Design Backed by Science

From start-ups to $250 billion global organizations. ShiftGear is changing the way leaders think about and design work, both through their teaching and research at MIT and, of course, by delivering stellar results in the field.

ShiftGear’s principles can be used to engineer improvements in any organization, whether in the public, private, or non-profit sector.

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