Strategic Partners

ShiftGear Work Design draws on the expertise of strategic partners. Our partners embrace the principles we developed at ShiftGear.  They are practitions in the field applying the principles and pushing the fronteirs of Dynamic Work Design.

ShiftGear is proud to partner with Toyota Engineering Corporation.  As world leaders in training and certification of the Toyota Production System and Toyota Management System, they significantly increase ShiftGear’s ability to help clients achieve great results.

Strategic Partners

Toshio Horikiri | Toyota Engineering Corporation

Toshio Horikiri

CEO of Toyota Management Institute Corporation

Toshio joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1966. During his 36-year career he spent many years working under Taiichi Ohno (creator of the Toyota Production System or TPS) and became a recognized leader and developer in his own right.  Toshio was responsible for designing nearly 20 Toyota assembly plants around the world including the Pacific Rim, Africa and Europe.

Driven by his passion for continually developing TPS and improving manufacturing around the world, upon his retirement from Toyota in 2002 he founded Toyota Engineering Company (TEC).  Since then he has consulted in the aerospace, electronic, telephone and many other industries.  He is also the CEO of Toyota Management Institute Corporation and President of TPS Certification Institute.

Thomas Arenberg | Advisor

Thomas Arenberg Advisor

Retired – Accenture Senior Executive

Tom retired from Accenture after 34 years in the consulting profession. At the time of his retirement, Tom was a Senior Executive and the Managing Director of the Milwaukee office as well as the Director of Quality for the Products North America Operating Group. He has worked with a wide range of clients including Harley-Davidson, Case-New Holland, Johnson Controls, Miller Brewing, Tombstone Pizza, Kohler, and Rockwell Automation. He has extensive experience working with manufacturers and dealer organizations to identify and implement improvements in quality, customer service, manufacturing operations, and information technology.

Tom earned a BS in mathematics from Purdue University and an MS in industrial administration from the Krannert School.

Dan Glusick | Advisor

Dan GlusickAdvisor

VP – Rexnord Business System and Rexnord Innovation Center

Dan Glusick, VP – Rexnord Business System and Rexnord Innovation Center, is responsible for both the corporate innovation center and implementation of the Rexnord Business System within the power transmission division.

Dan began his career at the Harley-Davidson Motor Company where he held progressive leadership roles in operations, supply chain, engineering, quality, and continuous improvement. Dan also worked at Intermatic Incorporated where he served as the Director of Global Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement, integrating lean thinking and tools into operations centers in the US, Mexico, China, and Germany. In 2008, Dan joined Rexnord and has been leading efforts to embed lean principles into office, transactional, and knowledge work. Dan subscribes to the idea that if you are not getting the results you expect, you need not look further than the design or execution of your work.

Dan earned his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also has an MS in engineering management from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.