Problems We’ve Helped Our Clients Solve

Our Successful Approach to
Work Design is Backed by Science

ShiftGear is changing the way leaders think about and design work, both through their teaching and research at MIT and, of course, by delivering results in the field. ShiftGear’s clients become part of this ongoing conversation between theory and practice. Working with ShiftGear, clients deliver stronger results, all while being part of the developing science that underpins the work that is helping their organizations evolve.

From start-ups to $250 billion global organizations.

ShiftGear works with organizations of all types – from start-ups to $250 billion global organizations. ShiftGear’s principles can be used to engineer improvements in any organization’s work design, whether in the public, private, or non-profit sector. ShiftGear has helped propel breakthrough improvements in fields from DNA sequencing to oil and gas exploration – and in functions from Strategy and Engineering to Operations and IT. If you have work moving through your organization, from person-to-person, we can help you.

Here are some of the problems ShiftGear has helped clients solve.

“We need to drill more wells in the coming year than we ever have with the same staffing and equipment.”

Oil & Gas Company

“We have so much going on both in the plant and in the field that it’s hard to keep track of everything. How are we going to manage this process when we reach our target of 10 times as many installations per year?”

Integrated Service Provider

“Our morning meeting has been a huge source of frustration for almost 10 years. We’ve tried everything to ‘fix’ it, and nothing has worked.”

Health Care Facility

“Lead times for samples in the lab are very long and very unpredictable.”


“Our engineers have too much to do, and they are getting overwhelmed by the volume of work.”

Defense and Aerospace

“Our costs are increasing, but the price we receive for our minerals is not. If we don’t find a way to decrease costs, the mine will close. Period.”


“We have a big cost-cutting objective, but we don’t really know how we’re going to achieve this objective”


“In order to compete in the market, we need to shorten our lead times significantly, but raw material lead times are mostly fixed.”

Electrical Component Industry

“Our sales continue to grow, but we’re running at capacity and can’t expand our footprint for several years”


“In spite of our effort to decrease the response and turnaround time to our internal IT requests, employees continue to complain that we are not meeting their needs.”