What is Dynamic Work Design?

Most organizations are good at designing static work.

They can draw the org chart, determine how work moves from one machine to the next, and set internal policies. Static work designs don’t account for what happens when work starts moving through the system and things don’t go as planned.

When problems happen that are not described in the static designs, communications break down, workarounds grow, response times stretch, issues pile up, and orders get delayed. New initiatives fall behind. Costs rise. Frustration mounts. The end result is your company is not achieving its potential.

ShiftGear Helps Organizations Think About Work in a Whole New Way

We focus on the interaction of the people, the work, and the organization. Whether you have 50, 500, or 5,000 employees, ShiftGear helps you connect all of them to the flow of work that delivers the organization’s targets. We reconnect people to their work to make it more engaging and productive. The result is:

  • Higher Quality
  • Increased Throughput
  • Stronger Employee Engagement

…and that turns into on-time deliveries, higher revenue, lower cost, happier customers.

We work in a range of industries and functions – from the front lines of physical or intellectual work to the executive strategy. We work in research laboratories sequencing the human genome to corporations drilling for natural gas; with Operations, IT, Finance, Engineering, HR, Sales. Wherever work is flowing from one person to another, we deliver higher quality, increased productivity, and more engaged employees with minimal intervention.

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