Client Testimonials


ShiftGear works with clients across a wide range of industries to reimagine how work gets done. These satisfied clients have witnessed firsthand the dramatic impact and improvement that can be achieved together. Our clients’ own words tell our story better than anyone else can.

“The Visual Management boards provide meaningful recognition to our people who quietly and consistently deliver results, often unnoticed. They also quickly create the right conversations, and the right kinds of conversations eventually create winning situations. I would only recommend ShiftGear to leaders genuinely committed to stop sucking and start winning.”

Eric Waller
CEO, MD America Energy, LLC
Oil and Gas Operating Company

“The tools and techniques Don advocated can be applied regardless of organization, industry, personality or profession.  Don’s energy and his motivating style greatly assisted in moving the IT organization from skepticism to viewing Continuous Improvement (CI) as being central to everything that we do.  It is now embedded in our organizational DNA.  It focuses on continuously improving the organization from the bottom up, with individuals empowered to fix inefficiency or waste in their work, resulting in a far more collaborative and productive environment, both within IT and the wider BP Group.”

Michael Gibbs
Group CIO, BP
Information Technology

“There are many things that are unique about the way ShiftGear works. Firstly, they empower and utilize your employees’ knowledge, based on the strong belief that you are an expert in your own organizational processes, thus it would be easier to collaborate rather than impose new ideas. As a result, your business is more rapidly propelled to the next level. Secondly, they help you build a strong foundation. Their use of visual management as a powerful communication tool, plus small, rapid and continuous changes all across your company, will quickly yield tangible quantitative results. Any CFO will be thrilled with the ROI.”

Yuri Hernandez
Owner & CEO, IG Group

“Don Kieffer has a deep understanding of Toyota. More importantly, he is an expert at applying what he knows in western companies, in western ways, and in helping western executives understand how to lead company-wide improvement efforts.”

Toshio Horikiri
CEO, TOYOTA Engineering Co. LTD